Bike Week is starting from 9-17 June 2018 - we can't wait! To celebrate a whole week dedicated to cycling (as if every day isn't a bike day already) we're running the #7daysofcycling challenge.

All you need to do is take on seven rides during the month of June, share your ride pics and use the hashtag #7daysofcycling!

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ADVICE required: someone on the Cycling UK forum has asked for a decent solution that is easy and will deter opportunistic thieves when leaving the panniers on the bicycle while touring this summer.

What can you recommend?

We think this quote pretty much sums up our bank holiday weekend β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ. Share if you agree.

How much does accessing the countryside mean to you?

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Big Bike Revival launches for a fourth year

Cycling UK's Big Bike Revival is back for a fourth year, with the aim of getting thousands of people back on their bikes.

Retired doctor 76-year-old Kishori Agrawal, hadn't ridden her bike since the 1960's, see how joining a Cycling UK community cycle club transformed her life.

Thanks to ITV News for the footage!

Tim Moss one of the organisers of the Cycle Touring Festival opens up about his battle with mental health and how cycling around the world has helped him through it.

Read this raw and honest extract from his book:

Ned Boulting on cycling and law enforcement

Why wouldn't you want more law enforcement on the roads, making it safer for cyclists? TV Presenter, commentator and cyclist Ned Boulting explains why he thinks road policing needs a boost.

Photos from Cycling UK's post

Take me pedalling to Panama! Wild camping in Mexico, climbing border mountains, cycling the South American dream ... πŸ”οΈπŸ•οΈπŸš²

BBC Midlands

Have you met Morris? He is 90 years young and rides a good 20 miles everyday!!

What an inspiration πŸš²πŸ‘

Planning a bike trip via ferry 🚒 this summer or have a route you want to share?

What could be better than the excitement of jumping on your saddle and exploring a new lands.

For more inspiration see this new guide πŸ‘‡

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Cycling UK member Simon Allen completed a monumental challenge in aid of his brother Joe, who suffered a stroke as result of a Cavernoma.

He carted a 17kg mountain bike to the top of Snowdon and rode downhill in just 2 hours and 25 minutes to raise money for Cavernoma Alliance UK - CAUK, a charity that helped his brother following his illness Well done Simon πŸ‘

We're LIVE discussing cycle safety. Post your comments or questions below πŸŽ₯

Exercising for 20 minutes-a-day cuts risk of developing depression by one third

According to latest research by King's College London exercising for just 20 minutes-a-day cuts the risk of developing depression by a third.

Just a quick cycle to work, or to the shops could be all you need to help with your mental health 🚲

Millicent Fawcett Statue

A statue commemorating suffragist #MillicentFawcett is unveiled today - the first statue of a woman to be placed in Parliament Square.

Millicent was a keen cyclist and the bicycle played a big part in the women's suffrage movement, see more:

Great Rides: Paris to Dieppe along the Avenue Verte | Cycling UK

Cycling the Avenue Verte from Paris to Dieppe is a great entry point in to multi-day overseas touring by bike.

Well-serviced by Eurostar and DFDS Seaways UK - English Channel, there are miles of traffic free routes and fine French food - what's not to like?

Cycling UK's Sam Jones rode the route last April and can't recommend it enough...πŸ₯πŸ₯– + 🚲 = πŸ˜€

Ride beyond your expectations πŸš΄πŸ‘Œ

VOTE for your fave 🚴 Demon Frameworks fixie or Cyfac Explosiff?

We're at Bespoked, the UKs Handmade Bicycle Show, here are a few things that caught our eye ... see the rest in the link below:

Feeling hot, hot hot! β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

Heading out on your bike this weekend? Here are a few top tips for how to stay cool when you're out cycling. Share your summer cycling photos with us!

Why wouldn't you make dangerous drivers prove they are safe to drive?

A driver who had been stopped eight times by the police for using his mobile phone behind the wheel, had been allowed to keep his licence.

In 2015 Lee Martin was killed as he cycled along the road when the same van driver was texting behind the wheel.

Why wouldn't you change a system that allows people convicted of dangerous driving offences to get back on the road without proving they're safe to drive?

Take action:

Today is World Heritage Day and we're paying tribute to an invention that set the world in motion - the bicycle.

Last year we celebrated 200 years since the father of the bicycle Baron Karl von Drais invented the 'running machine' read his story:

Ron-stoppable! 95-year-old Ron Cattell is out cycling again thanks to Edinburgh All-ability Bike Centre who got him out on adapted bike, following a fall.

Now he's keen as ever to get fit ... go Ron! ✊

The ingenious cyclewear Victorian women invented to navigate social mores

Ever since Cycling UK stood up in the courts for the right for women to wear "rational dress" back in 1899, we've long championed the right for everyone to enjoy the fun and freedom that cycling can bring.

That's why this July we're again holding our Women's Festival of Cycling. If you'd like to take part and host a women's only or female-friendly ride then we'd love to hear from you!

Today is #MicrovolunteeringDay - a day dedicated to small acts of kindness. You can do anything from following us on Instagram to taking part in a campaign, it all helps support cycling.

Here are 10 easy ways you can be a Mircovolunteer today:

Saudi Arabia hosts first women's cycle race

This is BIG news and a great step forward - Saudi Arabia is putting on its first ever women's cycle race.

Photos from Cycling UK's post

Can you lend a hand or two? Dadz Cycle Hub supports dads and their children get back on their bikes and enables them to discover the joy of cycling together. They're looking for a volunteer Bike Mechanic to continue to help out for just one weekend a month.

Does the Highway Code’s Rule 163 on passing distances also apply to cyclists overtaking other cyclists?

What's your view?

See our response:

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has called on all governments of the UK to stop prioritising cars if they want to tackle childhood obesity.

Cycling UK couldn't agree more, as campaigns officer Keir Gallagher points out:

Photos from Cycling UK's post

Looks like the entrants to yesterday's Devon Dirt had a muddy good time!

If you missed out, or Devon was a bit too far to travel, don't worry our Challenge Ride series is happening across the UK. Find out more at:

Getting muddy this weekend?

Needing a challenge this Summer? Take a look at our Challenge Ride Series, we've got non-compeitive fun events happening all summer


We're offering one lucky winner a chance to #win this incredible stash of goodies worth Β£180.

All you need to do is fill out our short form in the link below.

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A dry sack is just what you'll need for the April showers.

Cyclists will be badly affected by new Government proposals to raise the threshold at which a claimant will have their legal costs paid for.

Protect vulnerable road users and email your MP using our simple tool ➑️

look mum no hands!

Why do some women take to cycling and others do not?

Cycling UK's Julie Rand explores this in her blog. She's also live right now doing a Q&A with look mum no hands! about older women who cycle.

Comment below!

Plastic not so fantastic!

Cycling UK's 'Cycle' magazine - the most highly circulated cycling magazine in the UK, will now be delivered in recyclable plastic from the June/July issue.

To get your hands on a copy, receive lots of discounts, third party insurance and much more join today:

Ever thought of being a tandem volunteer? Bury Tandem Club for Blind and Partially sighted people are looking for more pilots to help enable blind and partially sighted members to experience something which the rest of us take for granted; the joy of riding a bike.

Happy Easter everyone - have a cracking day! 🍳

How long do you have to ride for to burn off a teeny tiny Cadbury's mini egg?

See how long you have to ride for to burn off these Easter treats:

Making the most of Easter

With the extra hours of daylight, the Easter holidays we hope you're making the most of it. Share your holiday cycling pics with us!

THREE WHOLE DAYS for you and the bike ...

If you're looking for some new routes to explore during the break, take a look at our county guides for inspiration:

Photos from Cycling UK's post

Back in 2016, Alaina started cycling in earnest, joined Cycling UK and started riding with Merseyside CTC.

Fast forward a couple of years and now this summer she's taking on the 4300 mile Trans Am Bike Race and using the opportunity to raise money for Asylum Link Merseyside!

Talk about zero to hero!


Now who wouldn't want to invite their pals for a ride on this? πŸ˜€

If the heavens are opening on your ride to work, a warm shower can be a godsend!

There's plenty more employers can do to become more cycle friendly, check out our handy guide for more information

Can you just have one bike that does everything? | Cycling UK

It worked for rings in JRR Tolkien's famous trilogy, but can there ever be one bike to rule them all?

What to do if you hit a pothole while cycling

Pothole season seems to be dragging on this year and our roads don't appear to be improving.

Cycling UK members receive the benefit of free legal advice if they hit a hole, but there are a few other things you should know if you do hit that hole...

Today on BBC Radio 5 live investigates we discussed our latest research on the human cost of potholes for cyclists.

156 local authorities have spent at least Β£43.3 million in pothole claims over the last five years and on average payout 13 times more to people cycling than driving.

Fancy a challenge this summer? Cycling UK has opened up it's Challenge Ride Series for a second year and has introduced four new routes.

From the rolling Devon hills to the coastal landscape of Ayrshire in Scotland and the rugged beauty of North Wales, Cycling UK’s Challenge Rides Series is back for 2018 with new challenges and an off-road ride.

Don't miss out on your chance to take part:

BICYCLING magazine

106 and still breaking cycling records.

A little bit of inspiration to give you that #FridayFeeling

Cyclists want funding for farming

Why should cyclists care about farming subsidies?

Here's how you can take action >>

If you think cyclists should be able to enjoy more of the countryside, support Cycling UK's #Getonmyland campaign.

Ask the Government to link public subsidies with public access and farmers get to enjoy the benefits too:

What is it about cycling that makes you happy? 😁🚲


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Today we're launching a brand new volunteer appeal across Greater Manchester to reach anyone interested in using their skills to help others enjoy the benefits and freedom of cycling.

At the end of 2017, H3, a charity supporting those experiencing homelessness in Stockport, was able to restart its rides thanks to our volunteer appeal.

With your support we can help groups like this all across Manchester: