Riding Green

Green News 4U Episode Featuring Theresa Worsham, Golden’s Sustainability Coordinator

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UPCC Outreach at Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival

Cycling is obviously a green sport; a four mile round-trip by bicycle prevents the production of 15 lbs of air pollution. The green theme predominated at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival at Invesco Field on June 11th and 12th. Golden Education and Outreach volunteers staffed a booth there to spread the word about Golden’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge (UPCC) Stage 6 start on August 28th and the exciting events leading up to the start.  Click here to finish reading Mary Topping’s account of the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival.

Mission Statement
The Golden Stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge will promote sustainability awareness by
addressing the challenges of achieving zero waste goals.

Sustainability Guidelines

Throughout Stage 6, the events will strive to achieve sustainable best practices
throughout all stakeholder efforts, including the following:

1.  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  • Minimize waste from the source, including products with unnecessary packaging, disposable components and items that are not recyclable.
  • Provide comprehensive waste stations (recycle, compost, garbage) as part of a zero-waste goal for the entire weekend event.

2.  Purchase Responsibly

  • Use linens where possible
  • Purchase environmentally preferred projects
  • Choose environmentally and socially responsible suppliers
  • Provide environmentally responsible giveaways
  • Use organic cotton t-shirts, reusable electronic chips

3.  Provide Sustainable Food Service

  • Provide reusable service ware
  • Promote use of mugs and canteens
  • Donate unused food to shelters, food banks
  • Promote organic or locally-grown food choices
  • Serve condiments in bulk
  • Restrict the use of any and all Styrofoam

4. Promote Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

  • Power Expo with on-site renewable energy such as solar and or wind
  • Provide guidelines for energy usage

5. Conserve Water

  • Have several “Drink Locally – free filtered mountain water” stations, use municipal water instead of bottled water
  • Provide or sell reusable water bottles to attendees and volunteers
  • Encourage visitors to bring their own water bottles

6. Encourage Public Transportation

  • Use hybrid electric, biodiesel, or fuel cell vehicles for shuttles from perimeter park & rides
  • Provide bike “corrals” in a central location
  • Incentivize carpool through discounts
  • Incentivize cyclists who ride to the events as well

7. Offer Carbon Offsets

  • Use emission offsets for event, travel, and other activities

8. Communicate Sustainability Awareness

  • Provide ongoing incentives, awareness, and training for volunteers to encourage support and participation
  • Commit to electronic communication: Use web and email to promote
  • Provide reusable signs